What Is A Rolling Backpack

What Is A Rolling Backpack? Best Guide-2023


A great innovation that happened in the world of personal luggage backpacks is the emergence of the rolling backpack because the shoulder backpack tied the people to carry the stuff on their shoulders which caused a lot of pain and difficulty in carrying them. A rolling backpack has changed the lifestyle of people from awkward to professional but the question is what is a rolling backpack.

In the given blog post, we will be discussing in detail the rolling backpacks, why you should choose them, what factors to consider when buying, and so on, so let us have a look.

What Is A Rolling Backpack?

A rolling backpack is also called a wheeled backpack, a type of gear that has a wheel and a handle to be pulled along the ground for carrying the belongings

Features Of A Rolling Backpack

A rolling backpack is loved by people because of its special that changes this gear from other packs. There are several features of this gear but we will discuss a few important ones here which are as follow

1. Handles

A handle of the rolling gear is a great innovation in these packs that helps to bear the weight of the body of the backpack when it is fully loaded. In this way, the rolling is comfortable and easy to carry without causing any difficulty or back pain.

Furthermore, the telescopic handle of the rolling also has a different locking point so you can adjust it according to your needs.

2. Wheels

Rolling backpacks have high-quality wheels that’s why due to this reason it is called a rolling backpack. A wheel helps the rolling in pulling the heavy load comfortably from one place to another without causing any inconvenience or difficulty.

3. Padded Straps

There are two types of rolling backpacks one that has fixed straps while the other has adjustable padded straps that can be adjusted accordingly.

The padding helps to convert the gear from rolling and carrying it on your back comfortably with their adjustable straps as the rolling packs have the handle to roll it on the ground but these shoulder straps work too.

4. Multiple Pockets

Rolling backpacks are comprised of multiple compartments that help the gear in the proper organization of the items such as laptops, electronic devices, cell phones, tablets, clothes, jackets, etc.

The multiple compartments feature provides easy access to the items because you would know already the place of specific stuff.

5. Good Construction Material

Another feature is the rolling is made up of a high-quality material that is not easily torn or Frayer. A construction material helps the pack bear harsh and strong conditions 

6. Water Resistant or Waterproof

A rolling backpack is made up of a water-resistant or waterproofing material that helps the gear in keeping your stuff safe during rain or downpour

7. Lockable Zippers

The rolling has a strong security system with lockable zippers that provide safe custody of your stuff in the gear

8. Size And Design Option

The rolling pack comes in various design and style that gives the users many options to select from so you have the choice to opt that rolling style and design backpack that suits your personality.

Things To Know Before Purchasing A Rolling Backpack

Before purchasing a rolling backpack, it is advisable to consider the following factors before buying the gear to avoid any kind of inconvenience or irritation, further, these precautionary factors may also help in protecting your precious time and money, 

Furthermore, these factors may also help in determining the best rolling backpack so let us have a look.

1. Purpose Of Your Trip

Before purchasing a rolling backpack you have to pay attention to what purpose you need a rolling backpack because this gear is not suitable for formal activity such as meetings or daily work rather it is fit for long-term traveling such as hiking, countryside tours, to hotels for some days etc 

so always consider your needs and purpose as a priority before buying the pack.

2. Meant For Heavyweight

The rolling backpack is meant for carrying a heavyweight rather than just like traditional gear so you might have to keep in mind the weight of the stuff that you are going to carry with you

3. Consider Your Style

Rolling packs comes in various design so select the one that suits your style and personality because people outside love the professional and personality-friendly appearance that can also represent the nature of business, so prefer a design that best suits your personality and style.

4. Adjustable Padded Straps

Many rolling backpacks come with fixed padding and others with adjustable s, you should have an adjustable shoulder strap pack because it can help during your traveling and can be converted to shoulder gear easily and comfortably.

5. Compliance With Airline Regulations

If you plan to travel on an airline, make sure to carry a rolling pack that complies with the airline’s regulations such as its weight, size height, etc before buying gear check the first airline regulation and then buy the pack accordingly.

6. Check For Lockable Zippers

Before buying a rolling pack must check whether it has lockable zippers or not because many rolling pack does not consist of lockable zippers which is very important to secure your items, so always check for lockable zippers before buying a rolling backpack.

7. Feedback And Reviews

Always check the experience of the previous customers who had already used the rolling pack because in this way you can select the best suitable rolling pack that can also best fulfill your needs.

Why To Choose A Rolling Backpack?

A rolling backpack is a game changer in the market of backpacks because it has changed the lifestyle of backpack users from traditional to professional ones.

In the past, people used to carry their stuff on their shoulders It was very difficult for them to carry their stuff on an extended tour so the rolling backpack has changed the whole system 

Here are a few reasons to choose a rolling backpack, so let’s have a look.

  1. A rolling backpack has a telescopic handle and wheels that help the gear in easy carrying of the heavy load during your journeying 
  2. A rolling backpack helps to prevent your back pain because it avoids carrying the belongings on your shoulder rather it has a handle and wheel to pull the load on the ground.
  3. The rolling consists of multiple compartments that help in easy access to your.
  4. The rolling packs have very good security systems such as lockable zippers that help to secure its items from being theft or others.

What Are The Uses Of Rolling Backpack

There are wide range of uses for rolling backpacks you can carry your stuff from one place to another without causing difficulty or inconvenience Following are the practical uses of rolling that are used for different activities in daily life such as

  1. Hiking
  2. School Or College
  3. Traveling
  4. Professional Work

1. Hiking

A rolling pack is the best choice for hikers because they carry a lot of stuff such as clothes, jackets, tents, etc and rolling gear has a padded strap through which you can also convert into a shoulder pack and easily carry it without any irritation.

2. School or College

Rolling backpacks are very popular among students because they have to carry a lot of stuff such as notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, a laptop, and a water bottle, and is difficult for students to carry all these stuff on their shoulders while a rolling gear is the best and suitable option to carry all their school or college items.

3. Traveling

A rolling backpack is suitable for traveling such as outings or other outdoor activities such as the countryside or cityside tours where you carry items like clothes, laptops, other toiletries, etc, so, in this regard a rolling pack is considered a good option.

4. Professional Work

A rolling backpack was meant for professional work such as meetings, going on business trips, or others due to its decent style and design which helps the individual to carry their documents, a laptop, extra clothes or shoes, etc in a rolling backpack.

Tips To Buy A Rolling Backpack

Here are a few tips that we practically observed and after research picked out the following 

  • Always prefer a rolling backpack with an adjustable strap rather than one fixed to the pack.
  • Maintain your rolling by cleaning it after every use
  • Avoid excessive load beyond the backpack capacity because it can bring pressure on the material, zippers, etc, Further overloading may also cause accidental damage during your journeying
  • Do waterproofing coating spray on your rolling pack so that your belongings are safe during rain or downpours.
  • Must calculate the weight of the backpack as well the load because the pack is heavy itself and if put a heavy load in it may damage your pack.


I hope by deeply looking into all the discussion above you are now in a position to understand what is a rolling backpack, its features, why to choose a rolling backpack, and other factors to consider before buying a rolling backpack.


1. Who created the rolling backpack?

The first internal-frame backpack with rolling wheels by Greg Lowe. It is said to be the first rolling backpack— 1967. The first Camelbak Hydration Pack by Michael Eidson— 1989. The rise of various modern backpack designs and styles— late 2000 onwards.

2. What is the history of roller bags?

In 1970, Bernard D. Sadow innovated a traditional suitcase on wheels attached to a long strap. In 1972, Sadow patented his invention the Rolling Luggage. In 1987, Robert Plath updated Sadow’s design by placing the suitcase vertically, attaching two wheels, and building a retractable handle.

3. When did roller bags become popular?

The world saw many iterations of the wheeled luggage concept after 1972. The most notable milestone came in 1991 with the patent granted to Robert Plath, a Northwestern pilot who created the Rollaboard model with a telescoping handle and two wheels (instead of four). It was an instant hit.

4. What is the benefit of a rolling backpack?

The advantages of the roller bag

Students can pull their school bags effortlessly, reducing fatigue and potential pain at the end of the day. In addition, most models are designed to be easily maneuverable, even in tight spaces such as school hallways or public transport.

5. Can a rolling backpack be a carry-on?

It fits easily on the overhead compartments of airplanes and European trains….” “… Pros: light enough to use as a backpack, versatile can be used as a roller bag when you get too tired, run out of energy during your trip…” “Love that this bag is the max carry on size, with wheels and as a backpack.

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