What Are D-Rings Used For On Backpacks

What Are D-Rings Used For On Backpacks? Best Guide-2023


With the passage of time, new things emerged in the world of backpacks for the facilitation and comfort of the people. Similarly, D-Rings is a remarkable work of backpack manufacturers that have changed the lifestyle of backpack lovers to the next level i.e from inconvenience to comfort but still, a question persists what are D-Rings used for on backpacks to deeply understand the different uses of D-Rings, so, to use it in our daily life and attain full benefit from it 

In the given blog post we will be discussing the D-Ring’s different uses, its types, how to utilize it in its daily life, and other tips and tricks for using the D-Rings, so let us have a look.

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Things To Know Before Choosing A Backpack With A D-rings

Before discussing the uses of D-rings on a backpack you have to know what factors you would before purchasing a backpack with D-rings which are as follows

1. Quality Of D-rings

Prior to purchasing the backpack with D-rings must assess the quality and materials of the D-ring because you have to use it for harsh and rugged mountains and D-rings need to be made up of a strong and durable material to bear the respective situations.

2. Adjustable Straps

Always choose the backpack that has an adjustable strap because many packs come with a fixed strap that can not be adjusted to your chest which may cause tangling of the gear here and there

3. Type Of Your Activity

Before buying a pack with D-rings it is advisable to assess the type of your activity whether you traveling for hiking, camping, skiing, trekking, or other mountaineering activities, so, that you may buy the best suitable backpack with D-rings or you can separately buy a D-rings for that activity.

What Is a D-Rings?

A tool like the English alphabet D-shape that is used for easy attaching of additional accessories outside the backpack that toll is called a D-Ring.

What Are D-Rings Used For On Backpacks

Basically, the D-Rings are used for attaching the things that are frequently used during your journeying and you have access to take benefit from it comfortably and easily, further, their uses also depend on the position of the D-Rings but here are some basic important functionalities of the D-rings.

In this blog, we will practically discuss the uses of D-Rings that we used during journeying and for other outdoor adventures which are as follows.

1. Attachment Of Items Outside Of Backpack

D-rings are the best and most suitable attachment point for many frequent and useful items because it is difficult to open the backpack for small stuff repeatedly while traveling

  1. Emergency Kit
  1. Electronic Accessory
  2. Pouches
  3. Camera Bag
  4. Key Chains
  5. Navigational Tools
  6. Lunch Boxes
  7. Whistles
  8. Other Small tools
  9.  Carabiners attachement
  10. A sunglasses
  11. A Cap
  12. Carabiners

2. Hanging Or Drying Purpose

D-rings are very useful for drying and hanging purposes when traveling in stormy or wet weather conditions you can dry your clothes by hanging them on the D-rings of your backpack

Further, when you become tired of long-distance traveling and want to rest for a while and put off your jackets or other outfitters you may hang it on a D-rings also.

3. Carrying The Hydration System

When you trek, hike, or go mountaineering you have to carry a hydration pack for drinking purposes. In this regard, a D-rings can help you in carrying a hydration system by passing a hydration tube through a D-rings or attaching the hydro pack to the D-rings which helps in easy access to water without stopping for taking the water bottle from the side pocket of the backpack.

Further, you can also attach a water bottle to the D-rings but a hydro pack is better than a water bottle.

4. Shoulder Straps Adjustment

D-rings help in the adjustment of the shoulder straps when it is attached and tightened close to the chest. They help in evenly distribution the weight of the load and your pack may not be tangled here and there.

5. Attachments Of Extra Gear

D-rings are also very useful in attaching additional gear and these extra gear is very helpful in trekking, hiking, camping, or mountaineering for attaching trekking poles, ice axes, or hiking, or camping equipment.

6. Attach To A Carabiners To Lift The Load

During mountain climbing it is difficult to carry your load on your back because your pack load may disturb your balance during climbing and it can be dangerous so in this case you have to leave your backpack. 

In this case, D-rings are very useful for attaching a carabiner to it and after reaching the top, then pull the pack by attaching the carabiner to a D-rings.

Why To Use A Backpack With A D-Rings

Here are the following reasons why you have to use a backpack with a D-rings 

These are as follows

  1. Easy Access to your stuff without causing any disturbance or difficulty
  2. You don’t have to stop walking during trekking, hiking, or camping because you can use your external stuff in a go
  3. Increase the functionality of a backpack by enhancing its compartments
  4. Helps in lifting heavy loads during mountain climbing, hiking, or other tough activity
  5. D-rings provide versatility to the backpack as you can adapt the pack for any activity either to attach it for attaching items or remove it.
  6. D-ring can be used as a rescue operation tool during an emergency situation
  7. D-rings also provide flexibility, uniqueness, and a good look to the backpack to which it is attached.

Best Backpack With a D-rings

Following are the backpacks with D-rings that might help you find the best backpack with D-rings

  • Oakley Mens Utility Backpack
  • Osage Deluxe Fishing Sling Bag
  • Under Armor Big Logo 5.0 Backpack

Tips For Using D-rings On A Backpack

Here are a few tips that we practically and after research have picked fore as follows for you which are

  1. Use metal-made D-rings that perform more efficiently than plastic ones because they can hold more bulky loads than the other.
  2. Always Prefer high-quality and durable D-rings
  3. Before buying a backpack with D-rings must check the previous customer’s feedback and reviews then you will be in a better position to select the most suitable backpack wih=drings for yourself.


I hope by looking into all the above discussion you are now in a position to understand what are D-rings used for on backpacks, their uses, why to use them, and other tips and tricks that may help in the selection of a backpack with D-rings.


1. What are D-rings used for?

Dorsal D-rings are an essential piece of any harness used by workers for fall protection. They get their name from generally being D-shaped, though their shapes can vary. D-rings are tie-down rings that act as anchors on harnesses used to hold workers tightly with a rope or cord to prevent falling.

2. Which is better O ring or D-ring?

D-rings are an alternative to O-rings. A D-ring has the same sealing characteristics as an O-ring, but the flat base ensures better stability in the groove. This eliminates the risk of spiral failure, which occurs primarily during assembly and in dynamic applications.

3. Where should the D-ring be placed?

D-rings are installed on each side of the back of the frame and closer to the top than the bottom.

4. How do you measure D-rings?

For round rings measure the horizontal inside diameter of the ring at the widest point. When measuring D-rings, take the perpendicular dimension from the point where the ring exits from the metal base to the inside of the top of the ring.

5. What is the weight capacity of D rings?

Our weldable D-Rings range from 1/2″ steel diameter to 1″ diameter, and have maximum breaking strengths up to 47,000 lbs and safe working load limits of 15500 lbs. Use weld-on D rings for trailers and your other secure transportation needs.

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