How Big Is A 25-Liter Backpack

How Big Is A 25-Liter Backpack? Best Guide-2023


There are different sizes and types of backpacks available in the market but their selection depends on the purpose of your trip whether you are going for a short or long-term trip or trekking, hiking, camping, etc all of these are measured in liters, similarly, a 25-liters backpack is one of them that served for those who are traveling for a short term period but it is important to know how big is a 25-liter backpack to better understand the capacity of this pack.

In the given blog post we will discuss the capacity of a 25-liter backpack, certain factors before choosing it, its uses in different fields, and other tips and tricks for buying a 25-liter backpack.

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Things To Know Before Choosing A 25-Liter Backpack

Before discussing its capacity, it is necessary to know about certain factors before buying a 25-liter backpack to avoid inconvenience and irritation during your traveling and, furthermore, to save your time and money.

1. EDC-Friendly

EDC is an abbreviation of Everyday Carry Backpack. This category is invented to carry your bulky items in an easy and comfortable way. This concept was specially designed for professionals, students, short tours, and other activities in which you can carry lightweight items

Before the emergence of this category backpacks were used to be of heavyweight and bulky even for those who could travel for a short period because there were no such type of strategies that could lower the bulky weight of the gear, so, EDC has successfully done its job 

Therefore, select an EDC-friendly backpack that can carry weighty items in an easy and comfortable way

2. Durable And Strong Construction Material

Always select that 25-liter backpack which is made from a strong construction material that can to some extent withstand a harsh environment and is able to last long. These features help in the longevity of your 25-liter backpack.

It is advisable and recommended to select your 25-liter backpack that is made from Ripson, Nylon, and artificial fibers, leather is also good but this material enhances the pack price, so, always prefer a Nylon gear that is durable and water-resistant

3. Purpose Of Your Trip

Before selecting your 25-liter backpack always consider the place where you are going either for hiking, camping, trekking, or other countryside tours then you will be in a better position to select the right backpack for your activity because different activity demands different types of you need to carry in a different type of backpack.

4. Attractive Look

In today’s world, people look to the exterior instead of the interior of other individuals and give more value to style, personality, and outer look, therefore, select an attractive and dashing look backpack that has outer stash pockets and inner mesh pockets to create a positive and good impact on others

Furthermore, the outer sleeves should be decently designed and the material must not look cheap so as to clearly show the art of the manufacturer.

5. Cost Of The 25-liter Backpack

The price of the pack also matters a lot and prefer an affordable backpack considering your reason for buying and completely fulfilling your need. Usually, a 25-liter backpack can cost in a range between $20-$100 considering its features and best quality

Similarly, some brands offer discounts on their products, you have to be aware of everything regarding that product before buying it.

6. Adjustable Shoulder Straps

A 25-liter backpack or other packs can only be comfortable if they have shoulder straps with adjustment facilities to provide maximum comfortability while carrying your items. The shoulder straps help in better distribution of the weight of your pack so that your weight may not be tangled here and there while carrying.

Furthermore, also prefer padded and well-ventilated shoulder straps to keep you cool during summer or in intense temperatures.

7. Easy To Access

Similarly, prefer a front-loading backpack, which can be opened from the upper side of the pack to provide you easy access to your stuff without unloading your entire backpack and you can find your stuff easily in the backpack.

Usually, many modern brands such as North Face, Osprey, and Carhatt provide this type of feature.


How Big Is A 25-Liter Backpack

8. Multiple Compartments

Always select a 25-liter backpack that has multiple compartment facilities so that you can easily place your items and take them out comfortably as per our knowledge 25-liter backpacks have a good organization system to place your stuff.

Many 25-liter backpacks have three compartments, a main pocket has a good space to accommodate a 15-inch laptop, cell phones, snacks, pens, pencils, lunch boxes chargers, etc.

9. Ability To Maintain Balance Between Body And Gear

The backpack that you are buying must have the ability to maintain balance between the body and pack, this can only be done if your backpack has a hip belt and shoulder straps, these two collectively maintain the balance of your gear and body

So, select a 25-liter backpack that has a hip belt and a shoulder strap for maintaining the balance between your body and backpack.

10. Brands And Reputation

How Big Is A 25-Liter Backpack?

A 25-liter backpack is called a medium-sized pack which is used for short-term trips such as school, city sight tours, or daily routine work and it has the capacity to accommodate a 15-inches laptop, jacket, or sweater, water bottle, notebooks, small toiletries and other lightweight stuff.

Here we will discuss the capacity of a 25liter backpack in two aspects, technical specifications and practical specifications

  1. Technical Specifications
  2. Practical Usage

1. Technical Specifications

If you know the technical specifications of a 25-liter backpack then you would be in a position to understand how big is a 25-liter backpack and would plan your activity and items according to these specifications which are as follows

1). Dimension ( H W D )

The dimensions of the pack may vary depending on the brand, design, and model generally it can give you an idea, it has 17 to 20 inches in height, 11 to 14 inches in width, and 5 to 7 inches in depth.

You should check the specific backpack dimensions that you intend to buy it whether that can fit your body size and comfort.

2). Weight

A 25-liter backpack has an average of 1 to 3 pounds. The backpack’s weight depends on several factors such as material, design, and additional features

Before buying a 25-liter backpack always check manufacturer weight specifications so that you may not exceed the limits.

3). Material

A 25-liter backpack is available in many materials such as Ripson, Nylon, and other artificial fibers even in leather but leather is pricier than others, of all these a Nylon constructed pack is preferable because it is lightweight and durable.

2. Practical Usage

A 25-liter backpack is called a medium-sized pack and it is for purposes by students, travelers, hikers, professionals, etc. Following are the usages of a 25-liter backpack 

1). Students

A 25-liter backpack is considered ideal for students because they have to carry it on a daily routine basis and this pack suits them as it is lightweight, durable, and has ample storage which is required for students 

2). Traveler

A 25-liter backpack is also suitable for short trips rather than extended ones because it can accommodate lightweight daily uses items such as water bottles, small toiletries, a light jacket or sweater, and a laptop while extended tours need more items that are also heavier in weight, so therefore, this pack is preferable for short or one-day trips.

3). Hikers

Only the people who hike for a day can use a 25-liter backpack rather than for an extended period of time because this pack does not have so much capacity to accommodate heavyweight and bulky items.

4). Professionals

A 25-liter backpack is the best choice for a professional who can use it for their daily basis work and can easily carry its stuff such as a pen, a laptop, documents, a diary or notebook, and a light jacket or sweater.

5). On Airplane

A 25-liter backpack can be your best companion on a plane because it is also considered a personal item as per international policy and can be kept under the seat as it is lightweight and has the capacity to carry your stuff

What Items Can A 25-liter Backpack Accommodate?

To give you more idea about the capacity of a 25-liter backpack you can carry the following commodities at a time in this gear easily without any inconvenience or irritation

  1. A 15-inches laptop
  2. Light jacket
  3. Some snacks
  4. A4 notebook
  5. Wallet
  6. Passport
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Headphones
  9. Small Toiletries
  10. Keys
  11. Power Bank
  12. Tablet
  13. Book
  14. Umbrella

What Are The Popular Brands And Models Of A 25-liter Backpack?

As we said earlier always prefer a reputable brand that will offer you the best quality product because brands do not compromise on their quality and durability. Following are some reputed backpack brands and models that will help you in buying a 25-liter backpack.

  1. Osprey Daylite Plus
  2. Patagonia Black Hole 25L Backpack
  3. The North Face Borealis
  4. Deuter Speed Lite 4

Tips For Buying A 25-Liters Backpack

We have practically tested experience and after research have picked out some tips for buying a 25-liter backpack which are as follows

  1. Always keep your needs, interests, preferences, and personal style as first priority
  2. Check the previous customer reviews and feedback then you will be in a better position to buy the right backpack.
  3. Set a budget and buy the best quality 25-liter backpack within your range and consider it as your long-term investment.
  4. Try to prefer a lockable zipper backpack for security reasons.


I hope by deeply looking into all the discussions regarding how big is a 25-liter backpack, certain factors to consider before buying, 25-liter backpack technical specifications and practical usages, some reputed backpack brands and models, and other tips and tricks you will now be in a better position to understand and determine the capacity of a 25-liter backpack and would plan your activity and items accordingly.


1. What does a 25L capacity bag mean?

The “L” stands for “Liters”. So when you see a 25L backpack, that means the capacity of the main pouch is 25 liters. As far as which size you might need, that would depend on what activity you’re doing and how much stuff you plan to take.

2. Is a 25l backpack a personal item?

The short answer: Yes, a backpack is generally considered a personal item if it fits under the seat in front of you. Most airlines offer a few examples of things that fit into the “personal items” category, such as a purse, laptop bag, or a briefcase, but they don’t usually include “backpack” on those lists.

3. How is bag capacity calculated?

To do this, measure the linear dimensions – the height, width, and depth of the backpack, then multiply these three values. The result will be the volume of the backpack in cubic centimeters or meters (depending on the unit of measurement taken as the base).

4. Is a 25L backpack big enough?

Backpack capacity is almost always measured in liters – a universally accepted standard unit – which makes it much easier to compare backpack sizes across brands. As a rule of thumb, 25-30 liter backpacks are best for shorter weekend trips, while 30-45 liter backpacks are best for longer trips or long-term travel.

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