Why Are Kanken Backpacks So Popular

Why Are Kanken Backpacks So Popular? Best Guide-2023


In the world of backpacks, there are many brands in the market maintaining their position with their best qualities, but the kanken backpack is on the first priority list of every person due to its super and outstanding qualities that help the product maintain its upper position in the backpacks., so the question is why are kanken backpacks so popular? before going into this discussion we will first look at the history of the packs

Kanken packs were developed in the 1970s in Sweden to help school kids tackle their heavy load, but due to their unique qualities, they became very quickly popular beyond the borders of Sweden such as in the USA, Europe, etc, and were soon adopted by many people in their everyday lives.

Now, what are the reasons that maintain the kanken position in the market and what things, tips, and tricks to know before buying a kanken, all these questions we will try to answer, and hopefully that will prove to be helpful to you, so let’s have a look

Things To Know Before Buying A Kanken Backpack

Before shopping for a kanken backpack there are certain factors that may help you out in choosing the right kanken backpack, whether it is suitable for you or not which are mentioned below, let us have a look

1. Perfect For Short Term Activities

Firstly, the kanken backpack was invented for school students and it covers only a small amount stuff of lightweight, so it’s suggested to analyze the nature of your trip and according to that select your backpack whether it is kanken or some other pack.

2. Check For Brand Authenticity

Always check the brand authenticity or visit the Fjällräven website to buy a genuine pack because you should be aware of the fake backpacks that are selling in the market on the name of the kanken so always buy from the Fjällräven website.

3. Price

Always set your budget before buying a kanken backpack as kanken packs are very expensive, so set your budget that best suits your needs and budget

4. Prefer To Buy Kanken Accessories

Before opting to buy a kanken backpack and truly avail the potential of the kanken you may have to buy kanken accessories to enjoy the extra features of the backpack. The kanken accessories are

  • Water Bottle Compartment
  • A Shoulder Pad
  • The Chest Straps
  • The Organizer

Why Are Kanken Backpacks So Popular?

Generally, the Kanken backpacks are very popular because of their features base such as design, durability, and comfort, and secondly due to their functionality basis such as being used in every walk of life such as schools, as a daypack. Day hikes etc

But here we will simplify and diversify the reason behind its popularity on the basis of two ways

  1. Features Base 
  2. Functionality Base 

1. Features Base 

The Kanken backpacks are renowned for their unique features on the basis of which they become the favorite of every person in other words these features have avail space in every walk of life. Following are the Kanken backpacks’ unique features that made them popular

1. Durable

Kanken backpack are also popular due to their durable features as it is constructed from a Vinylon F material which is made in Japan and helps the pack avoid any tearing or fraying the pack.  

This material was originally made in North Korea from polyvinyl alcohol using limestone and anthracite as raw materials and this material is used in making the clothes and shoes in North Korea.

It is made of a durable material and is resistant to tear and wear, making it the perfect choice for outdoor activities. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

2. Comfortable

This is the second major Kanken popularity reason as it was implemented in the 1970s for the first time when no one of its competitors had invented so.

The kanken back panel is made up of foam cushion as a result it is stitched to the back of the body, providing optimum comfort in carrying the pack. The best thing is that this cushion can be removed and used it  as a sitting seat in any place wherever you want to sit  

3. Water Resistant

Kanken packs are outstanding in water resistance because it is made up of a material called Vinylon F, a synthetic material that behaves like natural fiber it swells up and fills the gap between the fiber so that water may not get in the pack and wet all the stuff inside the gear, this process makes it more resistive to water penetration.

4. Easy To Carry

Its popularity is also attributed to the fact that the Vinylon material is very light even when full and it becomes softer with time, making it easy to carry from one place to another. 

Every person wishes to have a lightweight backpack so it can be easy to carry it.

5. Additional Long Zips

The additional zip is spread all over the pack and allows it to open like a suitcase helping to cause easiness in accessing the stuff.

6. Side Pockets

There are side flats pockets that are used to keep small things like pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, etc, or a thin water bottle as it is not a large backpack to carry many compartments and stuff.

7. Superior Performance Product

This is also a major kanken is popularity reason as it can be used in every walk of life such as in schools, workplaces, at the gym, as a daypack, and for day hikes, That is why it can be called a superior performance product. 

8. Available in Many Colors and Sizes

Among the best features of the Kanken backpack is that it comes in over 50 colors and sizes. Many people appreciate products that offer multiple options.

9. Fashionable Look

There is no doubt that the design of the kanken is iconic which is why people prefer it more for fashionable purposes than outdoor adventures, although it is also used as a daypack or day hikes, primarily people prefer it for its unique and dashing fashionable design.

2. Functionality Basis

Secondly, the kanken backpack is so popular because of its function as well as its uses in every walk of life such as in schools, as a daypack, for day hikes, work, gym, or for other types of short-term activities 

1. Kanken Backpacks For School

Initially, the kanken backpacks were meant for school kids to lower their heavy load. These packs are very useful for school kids as they can easily carry their stuff such as books, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators thin water bottles, etc with its most demanding comfortability feature, kanken is very comfortable to carry without causing any irritation or back pain of the body.

2. Kanken Backpacks For Commuting Work

Kanken is best for carrying stuff for short-term activities, going to work is also one of them because for commuting work you will need lightweight items such as a pen, an extra jacket, notebooks, a few pages, or other important documents to carry all these items kanken is the best choice for doing daily routine work.

4. Kanken Backpacks For Gym

As we said earlier, kanken is good for a short-term activity which is why the gym is also a short-term activity, people use it to carry their stuff to the gym because it only needs a T-shirt, shorts or trousers, a thin water bottle, etc, in other words, we also called it Essentials Only Backpack.

5. Kanken Backpacks For Daypacks or Day hikes

Kanken packs are also used for short trips such as day hikes or as a daypack for sightseeing or city visits and are used as the best choice to carry all the stuff you need.

Now, all these features and functions make the kanken backpack one of the most popular packs and make every person’s life easy in carrying its items or stuff. 

Pro Tips To Know Before Buying  A Kanken Backpack 

Here are certain pro tips to consider while opting for a kanken backpack, all tips here we observe a few practically while others through a well research studies, which are followed as,

  • Beware of fakes, always go for a genuine kanken that can be felt from its material or stuff of the backpack
  • Prefer the Kanken Maxi Model if you have a laptop because it includes  a sleeve for carrying the laptop
  • Always check the return policy and warranty in case you want to return or exchange it 
  • Also, go for feedback and reviews from other users who have experience with a specific model that you are interested in.


From the above discussion, it is clear that the reason for the popularity of the kanken backpack can be drawn due to its unique features such as durability, comfort, water resistance, superior performance of the product’s unique design, and fashionable style of the backpack.

Similarly, due to its variety of functionalities such as at school, workplaces, gyms, a daypack or day hikes, etc. I hope by looking into all these factors you have got the answer to your query of why are kanken backpacks so popular.


1. What is special about Kanken bags?

Water-Resistant. Fjällräven Kankens are brilliantly water-resistant. Vinylon F, the synthetic fabric they are made from, behaves more like a natural fiber and swells as it becomes damp

2. Are Kanken bags worth it?

This Kanken might not have all the features you want in a bag, but its reliability makes up for it. Not the most comfortable, but it’s enough for a just-right carry for short trips from point A to B. Buy this everyday backpack if: You trust Fjallraven products

3. When were Kanken backpacks popular?

Kånken started making its transatlantic journey in 2007 when the backpack was made available in select trendsetter stores across the United States. Soon enough, Kånken was appearing in magazines, and blogs and slung over the shoulders of hipsters and celebrities.

4. What is the most popular Fjallraven backpack?

The Kanken Backpack

Since its release in 1978, the Kanken has become loved all over the world by all ages and is undeniably one of Fjallraven’s most popular products, for good reason. Its classic design, which has remained unchanged through the years, lends itself to its versatility

5. Do Kånken backpacks help with back pain?

Kånken was created in 1978 to help prevent back problems among Swedish school children and, since then, has become one of Fjällräven’s most appreciated products. The Mini-version is suitable for small children as well as for full-grown adults who are looking for a small backpack.

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