What Size Backpack Do I Need For Hiking

What Size Backpack Do I Need For Hiking? Best Guide-2023


Traveling to a smooth and plain area is easy because you will easy access to anything you need in case you didn’t carry it with yourself but if you want to enjoy the mountaineering hiking than you should be very careful to take all your necessary and supplementary belongings with yourself to avoid any uncertain and inconvenience situation during your hiking trip, to do this an important question should also be careful address such as what size backpack do i need for hiking which is very important to carry all your necessary and supplementary stuff.

In the given we will be discussing, the right size hiking backpack, certain factors to consider before selecting a right size hiking pack

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Things To Know Before Choosing The Correct Size Backpack For Hiking

Before determining the right size hiking backpack it is necessary to consider certain factors to help you better in selecting the best suitable hiking backpack to save your money and time.

1. Duration Of Your Hike

Firstly, the duration of your hike determines the size of backpack that you will need for your specific hiking tour as the duration is divided into three categories: dayhike, multi day trips and extended trip.

For a day hike you will need a few things to carry such as a light jacket or sweater, small toiletries,a laptop, water bottle, etc. To carry all these light stuff you will need a light size hiking backpack.

Similarly, for a multi day hiking trip you will need extra stuff to fulfill your needs such as a jacket or sweater, small toiletries, a tent, water bottle, a laptop, etc. Now, for this you will need a little large hiking backpack to carry all these items.

In the same way, extended hiking tours need more items than usual because in mountaineering areas there is no such type of facility or markets that you buy a certain things, therefore, you have to carry each and everything whether necessary or supplementary, to carry all your items for extended trip you will need an extra large hiking backpack so that can comfortable and easily fulfill your need.

2. Hiking Area Weather

The weather condition of an area to where you want to hike can also affect the size of your hiking backpack because if you are traveling to a place  frequent rainfall place than you have to carry a water resistant and durable hiking backpack to cover all your stuff such as warm clothes, a tent, other toiletries, an extra shoes, etc

Similarly, if it’s sunny during the day and rainy at night time then it’s a double headache to carry the stuff for both the weather condition such as light for sunny weather and heavy items such as warm garments for rainy situations.

3. Material Of The hiking Backpack

Hiking is tough activity and it needs strong  and durable hiking backpack to bear the harsh hilly areas tour and for this reason you have to need a pack that is made from a long lasting and durable material to adjust to the rugged environment

4. Multiple Compartments

Select that size hiking backpack which has multiple pockets to place your different items in a well organized way and you have the facility to easily take out your things without any irritation and inconvenience during your hiking journey.

Similarly, there must be a separate compartment  for placing your sleeping bag otherwise it will be difficult to put it in the backpack with other stuff.

5. Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Comfortability is very important during your hiking tour as you have to carry both the weight of yourself and the pack also, in this regard, your backpack must have an adjustable shoulder straps so that you can comfortably carry your stuff and in case of any adjustment issue you can fix it by adjusting the straps with your body torso.

6. Hydration Reservoir

To keep yourself hydrated during your hiking journey it is necessary to carry your hydration reservoir instead of a water bottle because a hydration reservoir is easy to use and you don’t have to stop while taking out the water bottle repeatedly during the journey.

Hydration reservoir first helps to keep you hydrated and secondly it does not break your walking motion while hiking or trekking, so look for that hiking backpack which consists of a hydration reservoir sleeve.

7. Easy To Access

You have to select that hoking pack which have the easy to access facility to your stuff because it is very irritating to take out all your belongings time and again just for one item, 

In this regard, choose a top loading opening hiking backpack that can be unzipped from the top for taking out anything that you want during your journey comfortably and easily.

8. Individual Personal Preference

After all your personal touch can be very effective in choosing the right size hiking backpack as select that gear which can best fit to your body and you can comfortably and easily carry during the journey 

9. Sternum Straps

Always select a hiking backpack that has a sternum strap which is connected to your shoulder during packing that in turn provides maximum stability during the journey. These straps are very useful when you are crossing an awkward move and try to maintain your body balance. 

10. Prevent Sweaty Back Syndrome

To prevent your sweaty back syndrome your backpack must have well back vintilated system that can keep your back cool during hot weather

What Are The Best Hiking Backpack Brands

Following are the best hiking backpack brands that you may choose the best suitable model for yourself

  1. Osprey
  2. Osprey Aether
  3. Deuter
  4. The North Face
  5. Gregory
  6. Granite Gear Blaze 60

Why Choosing A Right Size Backpack For Hiking Is Important

Here are the following reasons that why selecting a right size backpack for hiking is necessary

  1. To avoid any kind of inconvenience and irritation during your hiking journey
  2. A wrong size hiking backpack causes injuries such as back pain, muscle strain, etc while a right size pack prevents such type of injuries..
  3. Proper size backpack help in better distribution of load in the pack
  4. It ensures a high degree of comfortability and easiness in carrying your stuff during the journey. 

What Size Backpack Do I Need For Hiking?

To select a right size backpack for hiking the backpackfest have divided it into three categories: day hike, multi-day trips and extended trip. If you’re going on a day trip for hiking which will require a 10-30 liter backpack, a multi-day hiking trip requires a 30-50 liter hiking backpack and an extended hiking trip requires a 50 plus liter backpack to fulfill your need.

Here we will discuss all these three categories one by one.

  1. Day hike or Short Trip 10-30 liters
  2. Multi-day Trip 30-50 liters
  3. Extended Trip 50 plus liters


1. Day hike or Short Trip (10-30 liters)

If you’re hiking for a half, one or short trip you would need a 10 to 25 liters hiking backpack is an ideal pack for carrying all your necessary items comfortably and easily. This small hiking is a compact backpack which is light, durable and long lasting.

Things To Carry In Day Hike Backpack

A light jacket or sweater

  1. A Laptop
  2. A Water Bottle
  3. Personal items such as keys, wallet, purse
  4. Snacks
  5. A light rain cover

2. Multi-day Hiking Backpack (30-50 liters)

If you’re hiking for a 3-5 days trip you would need a 30-50 liters of hiking backpack, which is an ideal choice for carrying your all necessary belongings easily and comfortably. These hiking backpacks must have a sleeping bag, hydration reservoir or water bottle and other necessary stuff sleeves.

Things To Carry In Multi-day Hiking Backpack

  1. Warm Clothes
  2. A Tent
  3. Hydration Reservoir
  4. Personal items such as keys, wallet, cell phone
  5. A Camera
  6. A Head Lamp
  7. Food for 3-5 days or an extra Cookware to make food
  8. Sleeping Bag
  9. A large Sleeping Pad
  10. First Aid Kit

3. Extended Day Hiking Trip 50+ liters

If you’re hiking for more than 5 days you would need an extra large backpack of 50+ liters for carrying all your necessary items comfortably and easily. These packs are heavyweight so you have to prefer a light material hiking pack and try to carry only the necessary items so that it may not get bulky.

Things To Carry In An Extended Day Hiking Backpack

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Warmest Clothes if your hiking to rainy place
  3. A light Clothes if hiking to sunny places or you can carry both warm and light clothes
  4. A Tent
  5. A Hydration Reservoir
  6. A Camera
  7. Personal items such as keys, wallet, cell phone, etc
  8. Sleeping Bag
  9. A large Sleeping Pad
  10. An extra cookware for making different food

Tips For Choosing The Right Size Backpack For Hiking

We have practically and after research have picked out the following tips for choosing the right size hiking backpack

  1. Make sure to distribute the load evenly in your hiking backpack so that your gear is comfortable and easy to carry
  2. Always look for the reviews and feedback of the previous customer for buying the best suitable hiking backpack
  3. Always prefer for reputable brands for buying a good quality hiking backpack
  4. Remember to consider your personal preference for buying a right size hiking backpack because every person has their own preferences for design, colors and shape.


I hope by looking into all the discussions above regarding what size backpack do i need for hiking you are now in a position to determine the best suitable size backpack for hiking while considering other factors before buying a hiking pack along with other tips and tricks that may help in finding the right size hiking backpack.


1. What size backpack is best for an all day hike?

Each backpack range has different features that can help you on your adventure.

  • 10 and 25 liter backpacks for a day hike or for a few hours. ( pack weight 300- 600g) …
  • 20 and 35 liter backpacks for a weekend hike (pack weight 400-800g) …
  • 35 liters + backpacks for a multi-day hike of three days or more (pack weight 600g-1kg)2. How do I know my backpack size?

There is a very simple and easy way to determine the capacity of a backpack in liters. To do this, measure the linear dimensions – the height, width and depth of the backpack, then multiply these three values.

2. What size backpack do you need for hiking?

11–20 liters: These compact packs are often built for hiking, mountain biking, running or travel. Some feature extra pockets for staying organized. Their capacity lets you carry an extra layer, food and gear for day trips. 21–35 liters: This is the sweet spot for most hiking and travel daypacks.

3. What size pack is best for hiking?

Backpack Sizes

  • Backpack Sizes. Overnight Packs: Less than 35 liters. …
  • 2-3 Day Packs: 35-50 liters. A weekend backpack like a standard 40L backpack is big enough to carry a backpacking sleeping bag, small tent, and pad, as well as extra clothing and layers. …
  • Multi Day Packs: 50-75 liters.

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