How To Clean A Polyester Backpack

How To Clean A Polyester Backpack? Best Guide-2023


Every type of backpack has its own way of maintenance and care, in many cases, the manufacturer of the product gives the maintenance instructions, but there is also a general way for cleaning the products, in the same way, there is also a method of how to clean a polyester backpack.

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In the given blog post we will be discussing the cleaning method of polyester backpacks in detail otherwise your polyester backpack may face tearing or fraying or become wrinkle by wrongly cleaning it

Things To Know Before Washing The Polyester Backpacks

Prior to washing the backpack, there are certain factors that you might consider before washing a polyester backpack to avoid any kind of damage to your backpack, further, it may also help in the smooth cleaning of your backpack without creating any inconveniences or irritation, let us have a look.

1. Follow the Instructions

Firstly, before cleaning the gear, it is advisable to read the cleaning instructions on the manufacturer’s core label to know how to clean the polyester backpack properly  because different materials or design packs require a different way of cleaning

Further, following the product cleaning instructions will protect its material, color, and design from any kind of tearing or fraying.

2. Preparation For Cleaning The Backpack

Before cleaning the backpack do a little preparation for it such as collecting all the materials that you will need so that it may ease your cleaning process, further, do all the pre-cleaning processes too.

Why Do You Need To Clean A Polyester Backpack?

Here are the following reasons why you need to clean your polyester backpack

  1. To maintain the materials, color, and design of your backpack
  2. Cleaning the polyester backpack may help in longevity of your pack
  3. To preserve the health of your polyester backpack
  4. A dirty polyester backpack can develop an unpleasant smell that need to be finish only by cleaning your backpack
  5. To improve the functionality of your polyester backpack because a dirty backpack zippers, pockets and straps may become clogged and you need to clean it to remove these clogged from your pack.

How To Clean A Polyester Backpack?

A polyester backpack is cleaned in three ways: first spot cleaning treatment second, washing machine cleaning, and third, by hand washing the backpack.

Following are the ways through which we clean a polyester backpack

  1. How to Do Polyester Spot Cleaning Treatment
  2. How To Machine Wash A Polyester Backpack
  3. How To Hand Wash A Polyester BackpackCleaning Treatment

1. How To Do Polyester Spot Cleaning Treatment?

Spot cleaning is more effective than other methods because it does not damage your backpack and may not cause any tear of the pack but it can done when a specific area of the backpack is dirty and is also very helpful in cleaning the entire backpack because you will not do more hard work in washing the entire backpack when you have done the spot cleaning treatment

Similarly, if your entire backpack is not dirty then it is advisable to prefer a spot-cleaning treatment that will help you a lot. 

Things You Will Need

  • Mild Detergent or Solution
  • Soft brush
  • Soft Cloth or Sponge
  • Drying Rack


1. Emptying The Polyester Backpack

This is a pre-spot treatment act in which you have to empty all your polyester backpacks and take out all your stuff from the stuff, further, also empty all the pockets, sleeves,and additional compartments of the backpack.

Furthermore, remove all the removable pockets, sleeves, zippers, etc so that you can easily clean each and every corner of the backpack as these items or sleeves can also be damaged during the cleaning process.

Once you have emptied, shake the backpack gently so that a single piece of an item should not be left.

2. Spot Clean The Backpack

Now, use a mild detergent, a stain remover, or a mixture of water and detergent, dip the sponge in the mixture, rub it on the backpack dirt-affected area, allow the mixture to sit, and remove the stains or dirt from that spot.

In case, if there are tough stains on the backpack, gently rub the mixture with a soft bristle brush to remove the toughest stains or dirt on the pack.

3. Dry The Polyester Backpack

Finally, wipe off the backpack with a soft cloth and dry the backpack as a polyester backpack can be dried in the dryer but it is wise to keep it in the open-air to dry.

2. How To Machine Wash A Polyester Backpack

A polyester backpack can be machine-washed easily if the entire backpack is affected by dirt and stains in this case it needs to machine wash 

Thing You Will Need

  • A water and detergent mixture
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Soft Cloth or Sponge

1. Emptying All Your Polyester Backpack

Take out all the items from your backpack and empty it. Further, remove all the stuff from the pockets, additional compartments, zippers, etc so that every corner of the backpack me clean easily.

Similarly, remove all the removable inserts such as sleeves, compartments, zippers, etc so that they may not be torn or frayed or the material of the polyester backpack may not be damaged.

2. Clean The Toughest Stains

Before machine washing the backpack gently rub the mixture or mild soap on the toughest stains such as ink, food, etc to make the washing machine more easy and efficient

Further, add a small amount of baking soda to the mixture or solution if there is a stubborn stain on the backpack.

3. Machine Wash The Polyester Backpack

Now, put the polyester backpack in a washing machine and give a light round which may not exceed more than a round because a gentle round can cause tearing and fraying of the backpack and may also damage the material of the pack severely.

4. Dry The Polyester Backpack

Finally, wipe off the backpack with a soft cloth or sponge and put it in the dryer but it is advisable to dry it in the open air away from the sunlight rather than keep it in a warm ventilated area for drying.

3. How To Hand Wash The Polyester Backpack

A polyester backpack can also be hand wash this is also an effective way of cleaning the polyester backpacks as this method does not damage or loosen the material, color and design of the polyester backpack


1. Empty Your Polyester Backpack

Empty your backpack and take out all the stuff in your polyester backpack, further also empty your all pocket, compartments, additional compartment such as zippers outside pockets so easily clean each and every corner of your backpack

2. Hand Wash The Your Polyester Backpack

Now use a mild soap or mixture of water and detergent to hand wash the backpack. Put your backpack in a mixture that you have made and rub it with a soft brush and clean each and every corner of backpack along with the zippers and interior corner of the pack and left for 10 to 15 minutes to break down all the stains or dirt on the gear

3. How To Dry A Polyester

A polyester backpack can be dry to keep it in a warm and well ventilated area for drying and periodically check whether the dirt or stains has been removed completely or not.

Tips How To Maintain/Clean Your Polyester Backpack

Here are some tips that we practically and after a research studying about cleaning a polyester backpack, picked out some of the following 

  • Do not store your backpack near a high intensive temperature
  • Do not use a harsh and strong polyester solution as it will damage your backpack
  • Avoid excessive rubbing of the polyester this can damage the material of your pack
  • Use a small amount of lubricant to help smooth the zippers after cleaning.


I hope by profoundly looking into all the methods of how to clean a polyester backpack, certain factors to consider before cleaning and other tips and tricks you are now in a position to take practical action and clean your polyester backpack. 


1. How do you wash a backpack without ruining it?

Use a small amount of gentle detergent and wash the bag on the machine’s gentle cycle in cold water. If it gets bunched up during the spin cycle, stop the machine and try to spread the bag out to allow it to be thoroughly washed and avoid the machine getting lopsided with a small load.

2. How do you wash a polyester and nylon backpack?

Using cold water, you can wash canvas, polyester, and nylon backpacks in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

3. Can you bleach a polyester backpack?

Bleach is a very strong cleaner and could damage the material, as well as strip your backpack of color. Can You Tumble Dry a Polyester Backpack? You can tumble dry your polyester backpack at a low temperature. However, do not leave it in the heat too long as this could shrink and damage the fabric.

4. Does polyester shrink?

Does Polyester Shrink in the Washer or Dryer? Polyester is a unique fabric in that it rarely shrinks, even when washed and dried in hot temperatures. It differs from other fabrics due to its resistance to shrinking, as it can withstand higher washer and dryer settings than more delicate materials.

5. Can I boil polyester?

Place your polyester garment in the pot and let it boil in the hot water for 10 to 15 minutes or more depending on the level of shrinkage you wish to achieve. To further shrink the garment, gently wring the excess water out of the garment so it is not soaking wet, and place it in the dryer on the high heat setting.

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