How To Wash A Swiss Gear Backpack

How To Wash A Swiss Gear Backpack? Best Guide-2023


Swiss gear backpack is one of the popular backpacks for its quality material and design, but to maintain its material quality and design you need to wash it periodically so that it may help in the better health of the Swiss gear backpack. Now, how to wash a Swiss gear backpack is an art that you need to learn to better maintain your Swiss gear backpack.

In the given blog post we will learn about cleaning a Swiss gear backpack, certain factors to consider before washing it, some tips for maintaining your backpack, etc, so let us have a look.

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Things To Know Before Washing A Swiss Gear Backpack

Prior to washing the Swiss gear backpack, you need to know certain factors that have to be considered before washing the Swiss gear backpack so that your backpack may not face tearing or fraying and will save your money and time. 

1. Check The Manufacturer’s Instruction

Before washing the Swiss gear backpack must check the manufacturer’s core label instruction for how to wash a Swiss gear backpack because different backpacks have different colors, material, and design and is clean in different ways

Similarly, the wrong way of cleaning may result in the deterioration of your gear material, color, or design and might face financial; as well as time loss, so in this regard follow the instructions of the Swiss gear backpack on their website.

2. Clean Stains First

Now, before washing the Swiss gear backpack identify the stains on the gear and clean it first that will help you in the smooth running of the cleaning process.

3. Emptying The Backpack

Prior to washing remove all the items or kinds of stuff from your Swiss gear backpack and properly clean the interior with a vacuum or some other device to take out all the debris from the pack.

Further also remove remove the removable parts of the gear such as pockets, zippers other additional compartments of the backpack so that you may properly clean each and every corner of your Swiss gear backpack.

After emptying the backpack upside down the pack and shake it gently so that all the things inside may be clearly 

Why You Need To Wash A Swiss Gear Backpack?

Here are the following reasons why you need to wash a Swiss gear backpack

  • Washing the Swiss gear backpack helps in the longevity of your pack
  • Maintaining the material, design, and color of your Swiss gear backpack
  • Also helps in maintaining the Swiss gear backpack features such as durability and hardcore material quality for which it is famous.
  • Washing Swiss gear helps to remove the unpleasant smell from your pack

How To Wash A Swiss Gear Backpack?

A Swiss gear backpack can be washed in two ways first by spot cleaning treatment and second hand washing the backpack

Here we will discuss in detail one by one

Things You Will Need

Following are things that you will need for washing the Swiss gear backpack

  1. Water tub or wash basin
  2. Detergent
  3. Disinfectant if needed
  4. Soft cloth or Sponge
  5. Stain remover 

So as we said a Swiss gear backpack can be cleaned in two ways

  1. Spot Cleaning Treatment
  2. How To Hand Wash A Swiss Gear Backpack

1. Spot Cleaning Treatment

If your entire backpack is not dirty then spot cleaning treatment is the most effective way of cleaning the Swiss gear backpack because instead of cleaning the whole it is advisable to wash only a specific soiled area. To do a spot-cleaning treatment prepare a warm water detergent solution and avoid a harsh chemical. 

Procedure For Spot Cleaning Treatment

1. Empty Your Swiss Gear Backpack

First, remove all the items from your backpack and clean its interior with a vacuum to put off all the debris from your pack, further, remove all the removable inserts such as pockets, zippers, and other additional compartments to clean each and every corner of your backpack.

2. Wash The Stained Area

After emptying the backpack, wash the specific stained area with the solution that you have prepared and rub with a soft bristle brush gently so that the toughest or stubborn spot on the pack may also be removed

3. Drying Of Swiss Gear Backpack

Now, dry the Swiss gear backpack with a soft cloth or sponge and keep it in the open air or in a warm ventilated place for 20-30 minutes rather than drying it in the dryer because a dryer can loosen the material of the pack and cause severe damage to the backpack.

Further, a dryer is also not recommended by the Swiss gear manufacturers on its website.

2. How To Hand Wash A Swiss Gear Backpack

A Swiss gear backpack can be hand-washed if the entire backpack is dirty, but in this method, it is also advisable to first do a spot cleaning treatment as it will ease your hand-washing process.


1. Empty All Your Backpack

First empty all your backpack and remove all the items from your pack so that your backpack may be easily and properly wash

Further, remove all the removable inserts such as pockets, zippers, and other additional pockets, and wash them separately so that every corner of the pack may be cleaned smoothly.

2. Filling Of The Wash Basin

Fill the wash basin with lukewarm water and a suitable Swiss gear-friendly detergent so that the water easily soaks the backpack and a proper washing process is done.

3. Submerging OF The Swiss Gear Backpack

Now, submerge the Swiss gear backpack in the wash basin or water container and rub the backpack gently with a soft bristle or nylon brush until the stain is completely removed from the gear. 

Meanwhile, give attention to a particular area such as zippers, pockets, straps, etc because mostly they are missing during the washing process.

4. Drying Of The Backpack

Finally, wipe off the Swiss gear backpack with a soft cloth or sponge and place it in a warm well-ventilated area or in the open air for about 20-30 minutes but do not keep it in a dryer because it will loosen the material of the pack and cause damage to the gear.

Can You Wash A Swiss Gear Backpack In Washing Machine

No, because Swiss gear manufacturers recommended not to machine wash the pack because it will severely damage the material of the gear from which it is constructed, and secondly the material of the gear is not enough to bear the machine washing of the pack, so machine washing of the gear is unsafe and insecure.

How To Deal With Odors Of A Swiss Gear Backpack

Here are the following step-wise methods of dealing with odors of a Swiss gear backpack

Step 1

Put a baking soda in the interior of the Swiss gear pack 

Step 2

Close the zippers and leave the backpack like this for hours

Step 3

Finally, remove the baking soda by using a vacuum cleaner and with a brush to remove any remaining

This method will help to odorless your Swiss gear backpack

Tips For Maintaining/Washing A Swiss Gear Backpack

Here are a few tips that we practically and after a research picked out for for you.

  1. Do not use a harsh chemical or detergent such as benzene or alcohol-based products as it will damage your Swiss gear backpack
  2. Put a lubricant on your backpack zippers so that it may smoothly open and close.
  3. After using the Swiss gear keep it in a well-ventilated place away from sunlight or intense heat because it can damage the construction and structure of the pack.
  4. Do not completely saturate the fabric and do not get onto the leather trim.
  5. Do not overload your backpack as it will strain the seams of the zippers.


I hope by looking into all the above methods regarding how to wash a Swiss gear backpack and certain factors to consider before washing the gear and other tips and tricks you are now in a position to take into effect all these things practically so as to properly maintain your Swiss gear without causing any serious damage, tearing of fraying of your Swiss gear backpack.


1. Is the Swiss army and Swiss gear the same?

SwissGear is a Swiss clothing, luggage, and accessory company that is branded as part of the maker of Swiss Army knives. The company is owned by Wenger and its products are licensed in North America by Group III International Ltd.

2. Is the Swiss gear backpack waterproof?

No, rather Swiss gear backpacks are water-resistant and repel water in light rain.

3. How do you disinfect the inside of a backpack?

Wearing the gloves, submerge the backpack in the bleach and water solution and let it soak for 10 minutes. When finished, pour off or drain the soaking solution and get ready to machine wash the backpack. Use the old toothbrush to scrub away gunk in the crevices inside the backpack while the backpack is soaking.

4. Can you wash a backpack with a charging port?

Well, you shouldn’t wash it in the washing machine or use the dryer to dry it. Washing a backpack in the machine can ruin the fabric and the backpack’s smart features such as the USB charging port.

5. Can I soak my backpack in baking soda?

To Remove Odors Inside Backpacks or Smelly Gym Bags:

Alternatively, sprinkle baking soda into the backpack, zip shut, and allow it to sit for 2-3 days to neutralize odors. Tip the backpack or bag over a trash can to remove excess baking soda and wipe out the interior with a damp cloth.

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