How To Put A Skateboard On Your Backpack

How To Put A Skateboard On Your Backpack? Best Guide-2023


As we know, the main function of the backpack is to carry your belongings from one place to another but the important is which technique causes more comfort and easiness in carrying these stuffs, in this regards skateboarding a backpack may help you out more efficiently than others because it provides you a high degree of comfortability and easy to carry feature and so on.

Now just like other sports or activities skateboarding also requires the right guidance and pieces of equipment and a deep understanding of how to put a skateboard on your backpack instead of carrying it in your hands which is very important to know.

In the given blog post we will be discussing the way to put a skateboard on the pack, certain factors that may be considered before putting a skateboard on the gear, why putting a skateboard on the backpack is important, and other tips or tricks before buying a skateboard for your pack, these all things are very important for a person who wants to attach a skateboard to his gear, so let’s have a look.

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Things To Know Before You Put A Skateboard On Your Backpack

Before skateboarding with a backpack it is essential to consider certain factors that may help you in the process of putting the skateboard into a backpack properly and also, which are given below

1. Selection Of the Right Backpack

Firstly, you should select the right backpack for skateboarding if you are using a regular or normal pack then you have to make use of straps to attach the board or you can buy a specific backpack that has already the space for skateboards.

2. Selection of The Right Skateboard

Secondly, select a skateboard that properly fits on the backpack in which you want to put it so as to avoid any damage or injuries during your traveling or any other activity.

3. Skateboard Straps For Backpack

If you are using a normal or regular backpack you will need a skateboard strap to attach a board with your back so that it may hold the backpack tightly. 

4. Light And Durable

Similarly, always prefer a light and durable backpack because it may double the weight of the back[pack if you also attach the board to a pack so as to avoid difficulty in carrying the gear must select a light pack 

Further, if you want to use the skateboard backpack for a long period of time then choose a durable pack so that may not face fraying or tear during your traveling.

5. Feedback And Reviews

Always read the feedback and reviews of the people who bought the Skateboard so that you may get better about a specific skateboard or backpack before shopping online for a skateboard.

Why It Is Important To Put A Skateboard On Your Backpack

Skateboarding backpack has many advantages in every field of life such as hiking, traveling, sportsmen, work, school, and other activities. To understand better the skateboard backpack has the following advantages

1. Stylish

Skateboard is fun and it’s the best way to show off your style as the skateboard is a unique equipment that stands you out from the crowds and can easily attract the attention of people.

2. Fix To Backpack Instead Of Hands

Putting a skateboard in a backpack helps you enjoy your traveling or fun with free hands instead of carrying the board in your hands which may disturb you during traveling and can cause inconvenience and irritation.

3. Easy To Carry

A Skateboard backpack is comfortable and easy to carry your belongings without any irritation or difficulty as this feature is very helpful while going for long trips or countryside tours so that you can fully enjoy your trip easily. 

4. For School

Skateboarding a school backpack can cause easiness in carrying school bags especially for college and high-grade school level as they have a lot of stuff to carry such as notebooks, textbooks, a laptop, and other stationery.

5. For Hiking

Hiking is a tough and difficult activity that needs heavyweight belongings such as items of clothing, a tent, a laptop, a hydration pack, and other hiking-related articles, in this regard skateboarding a hiking backpack can also be very helpful to carry all the above items easily and comfortably.

6. For Traveling

As we know short or long-term trips also need essential items such as lightweight or other jackets, a laptop, a water reservoir, and other necessary pieces of stuff, in this case also you would need a skateboard traveling backpack to carry all the above stuff in an easy way.

Therefore, there are also many reasons but we have mentioned some basic ones here that emphasize why you need to put a skateboard on your backpack so that it may help you in carrying your belongings in an easy and comfortable way.

How To Put A Skateboard On Your Backpack?

This is a hands-free skateboard transportation system that is used to carry belongings from one place to another with a high degree of comfort and easiness.

Now there are several ways to put your skateboard on a backpack such as with straps, using clips, a lanyard, or deck hook, fixing with bungee cords, attaching with duct tape, and carrying the skateboard inside your backpack all these methods can be used to efficiently in attaching a skateboard to a backpack.

Here we will discuss it in a step-by-step method to further clarify the query

Following is the list of methods that we will be discussing in this blog post on how to put a skate on your backpack, so let us have a look

  1. How to put a skateboard on a backpack with straps
  2. How to carry a skateboard on a backpack using clips
  3. How to attach a skateboard to a backpack using a lanyard
  4. How to carry a skateboard on a backpack using a deck hook
  5. How to fix a skateboard on a backpack using bungee cords
  6. How to attach a skateboard using duct tape
  7. Carrying your skate inside a backpack

1. How To Put A Skateboard On A Backpack With Straps

This is the best way to carry a skateboard on a backpack if you’re using a regular pack and have enough space to attach the board

What You Will Need

  1. A backpack with strong and large shoulder straps space
  2. A skateboard


Step 1

Firstly, loosen the pack shoulder straps until it its longest possible length

Step 2

As you reach the back of your pack, place the skateboard so that the top of the deck is level with your shoulder, place the middle of the deck along your spine, and ensure the front and tail of the skateboard are equally balanced on either side of your body.

Step 3

Now, if the skateboard is properly placed on then pull the shoulder straps so that the skateboard secured to your back

 In this method must pay attention to the length of the straps and do it according to their length, Now you are ready to carry your skateboard backpack.

2. How To Carry A Skateboard On A Backpack Using Clips

In this method, backpack clips are very useful for carrying the skateboard and it is also very easy as compared to others in carrying and you do not have to take off the skateboard all the time

Things You Will Need

  1. Backpack with a clip
  2. A skateboard


Step 1

First, you will have a backpack with a clip-on outside.

Steps 2

Now, place your skateboard vertically on the outside of the backpack so that the truck is pointing outwards.

Step 3

Lastly, clip the backpack straps with the skateboard trucks, and make sure that the clips are tight so that the skateboard may not fall.

3. How To Attach A Skateboard To A Backpack Using A Lanyard

This is also an effective method to put a skateboard on your backpack in which you will have a lanyard to attach your skateboard

Things You Will Need

  1. A backpack
  2. A skateboard
  3. Lanyard thread
Step 1

First, thread the lanyard through the top of your skateboard deck and tie it off.

Step 2

Now, thread the lanyard through the backpack strap

Step 3

Lastly, secure the skateboard in position with the lanyard’s knot or bow.

4. How To Carry A Skateboard On A Backpack Using A Deck Hook

A deck hook is a small piece of equipment that is used to attach the skateboard to a backpack, a deck hook is a famous and effective technique to attach a skateboard with a backpack.

Things You Will Need

  1. A backpack with sturdy straps which is capable of supporting the weight of the backpack
  2. A skateboard
Step 1

Firstly, attach the deck hook to the strap of your backpack by making sure that the deck is securely in place.

Step 2

Now put the skateboard on top of the hook and make sure that the skateboard is securely in place to avoid any serious damage or injury.

5. How To Fix A Skateboard On A Backpack Using Bungee Cords

A Bungee cord is a device that helps to avoid falling off the skateboard from your backpack, this provides a strong holding position for the skateboard as it will keep your skateboard 

Things You Will Need

  • A bungee cord
  • A backpack
  • Skateboard
Step 1

Firstly, find two cords of the same length

Step 2

Now, tie one end of each cord to your skateboard, make sure the cord is tight so that the skateboard won’t slip.

Step 3

Lastly, tie the other end of the cord to the loop of your backpack

Now your skateboard backpack is ready.

6. How To Attach A Skateboard Using Duct Tape

Duct tape is also an efficient way to attach a skateboard using a duct tape. Duct tape is also reliable and durable to tightly hold the skateboard to a backpack

Things You Will Need

  • A duct tape
  • Backpack
  •  And peeSkateboard
Step 1

The first step is to measure the length of tape that will cover your backpack and skateboard, cut it, and peel one side off

Step 2

The duct tape should now be wrapped tightly around the skateboard and attached to your backpack to prevent it from falling and causing injuries or damage.

7. Carrying Your Skateboard Inside A Backpack

This method can also be very effective as it can protect the skateboard from jumbling around here and there but it needs a specific backpack with a skateboard compartment or you can find the best spot in your backpack to place it.


Step 1

Wrap the skateboard in a towel and place it vertically inside the backpack

Step 2

Once you have your skateboard inside your backpack make sure to zip it up to secure the skateboard.

How Much To Invest In A Skateboard?

Generally, a skateboard cost ranges from 20$ to 100$ for the best skateboard. In this regard, Amazon is a perfect genuine platform to buy online from it 

Pro Tips To Attach or Buying A Skateboard For Your Backpack

  • Place the board in the middle of the backpack so that the weight may be evenly distributed
  • Make sure to shake the backpack whether the skateboard is secure or not.
  • Always opt for pricier as that can last longer instead of lower pricier products.
  • Always prefer the good quality craftsmanship in a skateboard backpack instead of its features


I hope by looking into all the above blog posts deeply, you will be now in a position to understand how to put a skateboard in your backpack and what factors to consider before carrying a skateboard to your backpack. 

You can follow any of the above methods to effectively attach the board to a backpack and if there is any query do not hesitate to drop it.  


1. Is skateboarding a safe sport?

Skateboarding can be dangerous. Skateboarding is responsible for approximately 70,000 visits to the emergency room every year. Among those injured on skateboards, about half are under the age of 15, and most of them are boys.

2. What backpacks do skaters wear?

Skateboard Bags

  • Sustainable. Escape 45L Duffel. $110.00. (105)
  • Bandit Bag II. $38.00. (26)
  • Sustainable. Gamma Backpack. $85.00. (105)
  • Sustainable. Ransack Backpack. $65.00. (160)
  • Syndicate Sling Bag. $58.00. (2)
  • Escape 45L Duffel II. $118.00.
  • Hatch Bag. $125.00. (10)
  • Stash Bag II. $34.00. (2)

3. Why do skaters dress baggy?

Skaters wear baggy clothing for comfort, movement, and protection. Skateboarding needs a wide range of motion, and baggy clothing is less restrictive than tighter fits. Skateboarding involves frequent falling, and clothing offers protection when you wipe out.


There are numerous benefits of skateboarding backpacks. You can carry more things, travel with ease, and avoid the hassle of having to carry your board everywhere.

You can also use the backpack for other purposes. You can carry your college books, headphones, clothes, groceries, laptop – or really anything else you can think of.

5. Can female skaters wear pants?

The so-called “Katarina rule” required female skaters to cover their “hips and posterior,” and was instituted thanks to Katarina Witt’s racy costume at the 1988 games. The rule was repealed in 2004, and skaters were allowed to wear uniforms, tights, or pants if they chose.

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