What Size Backpack Do You Need For Traveling

What Size Backpack Do You Need For Traveling? Best Guide-2023


When planning a trip, you will need a backpack to keep all your stuff and belongings. but, the most crucial question is what size backpack do you need for traveling? buying a backpack is a vital decision for a traveler because it can significantly affect your comfort and convenience.

There is a science to choosing the right backpack for your trip. For instance, if you Pack a large, heavy load, it would be too much to carry on, while packing a lightweight, small gear will also not meet your needs and will only waste your money and time.

In the same way, choosing the wrong backpack will cause a lot of frustration and problems,  

Because there are so many backpacks ranging between 20-85 Lites, this range is more massive, and it may waste your time to select your most suitable pack. Backpacking is also an art of how to pack. So, certain factors must be considered before purchasing a backpack for your trip. which are mentioned below

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Things to know before choosing the right size backpack for traveling

The size of a backpack depends on several factors you must consider before selecting the proper size backpack for traveling to avoid inconvenience, irritating situations, and uncertainty. Therefore after a good research study, we came to know that if we want to choose the best traveling backpack we have to consider the following factors which are mentioned below as

  1. Duration of your trip
  2. Airlines and carry-on regulation
  3. Destination/Location of your trip
  4. Backpacks Resistant to Water
  5. Style of packing
  6. Personal Comfort
  7. Tend to Pack light

 1. Duration of Your Trip

First, you will determine whether it will be a day trip or an extended one. If it’s a day trip, it only requires a few clothes, light jackets, small toiletries, and backpack pockets.

On the other hand, you would require a lot of stuff, belongings, other necessary things, and a pocket backpack.

2. Airlines and carry-on regulation

To carry your backpack as carry-on luggage on a plane, you should ensure it meets the airline’s regulations and restrictions. Further, if your bag doesn’t meet the airline’s rules, you’ll avoid paying extra for checked baggage and waiting at baggage claim.

3. Type of your trip

Suppose you travel frequently from place to place. In that case, you must select one with multiple compartments and adjustable straps because you will choose/collect your backpack size according to the location where you are traveling and any other items you may carry with you.

 Warm And Sunny Place

For a warm and sunny place a place that’s warm and sunny, a lightweight backpack with a few compartments will suffice to cover all your necessary stuff.

Places with a cold and winter climate

When traveling to a cold place, you might need a large backpack to carry your winter clothes, jackets, and other necessary and extra items. You would select a backpack according to the belongings you will need in a place with a winter climate.

3. Traveling for business

If you’re going on a business trip, you’ll need professional clothes, a laptop, tech accessories, cameras, toiletries, and other essential documents. All of these items will require separate compartments in a backpack, so you’ll choose a large pack that’s professional and comfortable to carry.

4. Backpack Resistant to Water

Your backpack must be water resistant and made out of semi-waterproof materials so that everything may not get wet in the drizzle because the material inside may become wet for a long time and get musty. Still, many travel backpacks also have a cover so you can put over it in case of rain or severe downpours.

Benefits of Nylon Fiber

In this regard, the travel backpack, made of Nylon Fiber, is suitable for traveling as it can provide extra protection to your backpack in case of rainfall or severe downpours.

5. Style of packing

How you pack your stuff in the backpack also matters a lot, as some minimalist people can go anywhere with just a couple of things, while some are just-in-case packers who are in the habit of carrying everything as a backup for traveling

What Size Backpack Do You Need For Traveling?

Generally, backpacks are measured in liters, and most loads range between 20-85 liters, but a 40-liter backpack is considered ideal for traveling and can easily accommodate all your belongings. However, choosing a backpack also depends on the factors mentioned earlier, and here we have divided it based on the capacity of the backpack that you would require for your trip therefore, here are some guidelines that will help you in backpacking for your trip Upon the type of traveling, whether it should be a short or a long trip, here are some guidelines

  • Daypack (15-30) liters
  • One-week trip or traveling backpack (30-40) liters
  • Multi-week backpack or Long-term trip

1. Daypack (15-30) liters

If you want to go sightseeing, visit other places in the city, and come back within a day, a small daypack would be enough. It should include only a water bottle, umbrella, camera, and other things you need for everyday use.


  • Daypack
  • Suit for sightseeing
  • City trip
  • Shopping Tours
  • Quick tour around


Not suitable for more than a daypack

2. One-week trip or traveling backpack ( 30-40 liters)

Suppose you are going on a week’s trip. In that case, you will require more stuff than usual because you need more space to accommodate your belongings, such as clothes, small toiletries, a tent, bulky jackets, a laptop, and other stuff necessary for your specific trip for that a backpack with a capacity of 30-40 liters is sufficient for a week-long trip. 

Therefore, you may opt for a more giant pack than a daypack.  A larger backpack allows for more items to be carried. It is usually more comfortable and allows for more organized packing. It is also more secure, as it prevents items from falling out.


  • Best travel backpack
  • Most ergonomic, organized, and adjustable backpack
  • Preventing airlines from losing your bags
  • An all-encompassing solution
  • Easy to use and carry


  • Not suitable for more extended trips

3. Multi-week backpack or long-term trip

The fond of traveling may extend to more than just a week, which in turn needs more belongings such as tents, weather-relevant clothes, other toiletries, a laptop, and other stuff that may be required for your trip, so all these need a large backpack than a traveling pack 

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 Bonus Tips for buying a backpack for traveling

Here are some bonus tips that we practically observe in our daily lives, which must also be considered before buying a backpack 

  1.  Before buying a backpack, check its capacity
  2. To make your backpack more effective, place heavier items close to your back and higher up
  3. It is wise to use a backpack that comes with a warranty, as it can provide peace of mind in case of any manufacturing defects
  4. You must consider security features such as backpack zippers and hidden pockets before buying a pack
  5. Must research reputable brands and reviews of other traveller


I hope that by profoundly looking into all the factors and the backpacks that are discussed here and divided based on their capacity and other vital tips mentioned above, you have got the answer to your query of what Sze backpack do you need for traveling. What are the pros and cons of a backpack for traveling? What should one look for when buying a backpack for traveling? What are some tips for packing a backpack for traveling?


Can a 40L backpack be carried on?

The 40L will max out carry-on dimensions on most airlines, so you never have to check a bag. For stricter airlines, like RyanAir, 30L will be a better choice

What size backpack is best for traveling to Asia?

If your pack fills up once you are on the road, you could buy another bag. But whatever you do, don’t start your holiday in Asia with a giant-sized backpack. As a point of reference, when we’re traveling solo on a short trip (say under two weeks), we use a 30-litre pack. For longer trips, we have a 55-litre pack.

What size backpack do I need for a plane?

Typically, the bag must be within the cabin baggage dimensions of around 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 22 cm), commonly considered the standard size for carry-on

Is 45L backpack carry-on size?

A 45L backpack is the maximum-sized carry-on allowed on most US airlines. For international or budget airlines, choose a bag under 40L. If you want to pack ultralight, anything 35L or under can be carried on virtually any airline. Dimensions: The common 45L volume is usually measured as 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

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