How Big Is A 20-Liter Backpack

How Big Is A 20-Liter Backpack? Best Guide-2023


The backpacks are measured in liters and there are many packs in the market ranging from 2 liters to 85 liters, every gear according to its capacity in liters has some unique uses and features.

But the important thing here is to determine the right size pack to fulfill your needs generally and to know how big is a 20-liter backpack specifically whether it can fulfill all your needs wholly or partially. And either it is big enough for school. College work, traveling, camping, hiking, etc. 

It is important to know how to determine the capacity of a 20-liter pack to fulfill your needs especially when you are shopping and selecting them for any activity on the basis of the specifications given there.

All the above queries will be discussed in the given blog post because our main focus is to save your money and time by avoiding selecting the wrong pack for your activity, so let’s have a look.

Things To Know Before Choosing The 20-liter Backpack

Prior to going into the mainstream discussion, it is necessary to know certain that you may consider while shopping online for a 20-liter backpack that can help you out in selecting the best right pack that can fulfill all your needs and requirements. Following are certain factors to consider before shopping for a 20-liter gear.

1. Durability

It is important to have into the construction material of the pack so that you may not face any tearing or fraying of the backpack

2. Brands

Always go for branded pack items for shopping as it have already a name and fame in the market. To purchase a 20-liter it is advisable to opt for the following brand as they offer good quality, durable backpack

  • Herschel Supply. Co
  • Fjällräven The North Face
  • Jan Sport
  • Patagonia
  • Osprey
  • Nike and more

3. The number of things you intend to pack

For selecting a 20-liter pack you should also analyze what things or items you may carry with you whether they are heavyweight stuff or lightweight items so select the gear according to the items or stuff you carry in the 20-liter or other packs.

4. The length of your trip

Before choosing a 20-liter pack you should analyze the length of your trip or for whatever purpose you using, whether a 20-liter is big enough to carry all the stuff that you need for that specific activity or not then you will able to select the best pack.

5. Essentials Only Backpack

The 20-liter pack is called an Essentials Only Backpack because it is only used for carrying small things that are essential or important for your daily work or short trips so must keep in mind that they are meant for important work or short trips only.

How Much Can I Invest In 20-liter Backpacks?

Firstly it depends on your budget and secondly, it depends on the features such as brands, style, or durability obviously the best thing costs a lot but generally, it ranges from 15$ to 100$ too online buy a durable, stylish, and qualitative 20-liter backpack.

How Big Is A 20-Liter Backpack

A 20-liter backpack is big as you can use it as a daypack, for schools, college, or for work in which you may carry your daily routine stuff that is why this pack is also called an essentials-only backpack

This topic can be divided into two ways, according to the backpackfest first, technically, and second practically

  1. Technical Angle/Technically

2. Practically Angle/Practically 

1. Technical Angle/Technically

Technically, it included what are the dimensions of a 20-liter backpack and how much width or length is it. It is also further divided into two subgroups

  1. External Dimension
  2. Internal Dimension

1. External Dimension

The external dimensions of the pack included the total height, width, and depth of the gear. This dimension includes all the exterior pockets, backpack shape, and back panel as different 20-liter packs can have different sizes Below is the overall dimension of the gear it includes pockets, strap, and other materials used in it but generally a 20-liter backpack is 17H × 11W × 19D but it can be different although they are 20-liter packs

  • Db Strom External Dimension      17.71H × 10.6W × 6.5D
  • Topo Design Rover Pack external dimension    17H × 6W × 4.5D
  • Able Carry External Dimension          19H ×12W × 7.5D

As we can see no two 20-liter sizes are the same because as we said earlier it is affected by many factors such as torso measurement, shoulder strap, etc

2. Internal Dimension

The internal dimension includes the main compartment and we use inches to determine its measurement technically all of the below are 20-liter packs

  • Db Strom Internal Dimension      15H × 10W × 6D
  • Topo Design Rover Pack Internal dimension    6.8 × 10.8W × 4D
  • Able Carry Internal Dimension          18.5H ×11.5W × 5D

Also as you see there are different in size although they are all 20-liter pack

2. Practical Angle

The practical angle here is how much a 20-liter should hold the item for different activities such as school, college, work, traveling, hiking, and camping, and whether a 20-liter pack is big enough for all these activities. We will discuss here one by one whether it is fit for all these activities or not

1. Is A 20-liter Backpack Big Enough For School?

2. Is a 20-liter backpack big enough for College?

3. Is a 20-liter backpack big enough for traveling?

4. Is a 2O-liter backpack big enough for work?

1. Is a 20-liter backpack big enough for school?

Yes, a 20-liter backpack is big enough to hold the items of the school such as a Pen

  • Calculator
  • Tech accessories like charger cables etc, 
  • Notebooks, 
  • A few folders, etc

But it is not enough to carry multiple notebooks, textbooks, binder,s etc, a 20-liter pack have an additional padded sleeve for carrying a laptop or tablet for storage. 

2. Is a 20-liter backpack big enough for College?

Partially yes but wholly not because college students carry multiple textbooks, folders, notebooks, etc which a 20-liter pack can afford while partially it may helpful in carrying a few things like one notebook

3. Is a 20-liter backpack big enough for traveling?

A 20-liter backpack can be beneficial for a day trip or a short trip of two days because it is not advisable to use a 20-liter pack for a longer trip as it can only accommodate the following items

  • Small Toiletries
  • 1 sweater
  • 2 pants
  • 3 T-shirts
  • A few pairs of socks underwear

So it is clear that a 20-liter pack is only preferable for a short trip or sightseeing not for a long or extended trip

4. Is a 2O-liter backpack big enough for work?

Yes, a 20-liter backpack is a favorite to carry daily routine items such that is why it is called an essential-only backpack

  • Luch
  • Extra Sweater
  • Upto 13- inches Laptop
  • Also, have a table sleeve
  • Large Headphones
  • A Water Bottle and so on

So, it is clear that a 20-liter pack is useful for carrying daily routine items a work but not fit for an extended business trip as you will need more stuff.

Bonus Tips For 20-liter Backpacks

  • To free up space consider a small water bottle and towel..
  • Always check the feedback and reviews of the customers who have bought it earlier that can give you an inside idea
  • If your 20-liter backpack is snug against it seem that it too small to wear


I hope by profoundly looking into all the discussions about how big is a 20-liter backpack you will be able to know how a 20-liter backpack is enough to hold the stuff or items for school, college, traveling, or work, here we have excluded hiking and camping from the above discussion because hiking and camping need an extra large backpack to accommodate all the heavyweight item which are required for these trips respectively 


1. How big is a 20-liter backpack in centimeters?

A 20-liter backpack is equal to 20000 centimeters.

2. Is a 20L backpack big enough for a laptop?

Backpack capacity is traditionally measured in liters. Slimline bags that you can only fit your laptop and a few books into are between 10L and 16L, the most versatile packs are around 20L to 25L, and the professional camera gear and weekender bags go up to 30L and beyond

3. Is 20 liters a big backpack?


This capacity range is considered a medium-size backpack and is probably the most popular bag capacity out there. It’s great for taking to school or work, depending on the styling, and can also be a great travel pack for taking on a plane.

4. 20L backpack size in inches?

A 20L backpack is equal to 1220.47 cubic inches

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